ESD flooring at 3M

IGS installs more than 1,000 m2 Stat Grind ESD flooring at 3M

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IGS installs Superfloor for Truck manufacturer.

IGS used the world's biggest grinding machine to install Superfloor Platinum for one of the largest Truck manufacturers in the world.

Superfloor is the ideal floor for heavy forklift traffic and other intensely used areas.

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IGS Retail Solutions.

From car showrooms to fashion outlets and industrial warehouses, the IGS Superfloor has been chosen by Architects as a high-end, long-lasting flooring solution. While attractive to the consumer the floor has very low maintanance costs thanks to the Twister cleaning system.

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ESD flooring at Ericsson

Ericsson have implemented the IGS Stat Grind solution on a large scale. The ESD Superfloor concept was chosen for its excellent anti-static properties and for being significantly the most cost-effective solution in the marketplace.

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IGS open grinding operations in China

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IGS installs Superfloor at Ethanol refinery

IGS Installed Superfloor to support the heavy traffic at Agroetanol's facility, an end-to-end grain to bio-ethanol refinery.

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IGS buys the world's largest grinding machine.
IGS has invested in the world's biggest grinding machine, the HTC 2500 iX.
The 2500 iX has the capacity to grind up to 7 000 m2 each day; perfect for large-scale Superfloor flooring.

TWISTER - The CHEMICAL FREE cleaning system
The ideal cleaning system for Superfloor and any other kind of flooring.
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