Floor prep

HTC Superprep Grinding Solution (never shot-blast or scarify again).

The HTC Superprep grinding solution is fast becoming the European industry standard for concrete floor preparation. 

Whether it be to completely remove multiple layers of paint, epoxy or adhesives, or to re-vamp uneven and deteriorating concrete floors, Superprep grinding is the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly option.

Our highly advanced HTC machines are finely calibrated to grind & polish in 7 phases to create an extremely durable, highly polished HTC Superfloor which will last the lifetime of a building. 

By using the same machinery and simply removing some of the later phases the HTC Superprep solution removes imperfections, repairs concrete break-up, and creates an unbelievably flat surface ready for paint, epoxy and other finishing products.

Never shot-blast or scarify again. Why?

- Superprep gives a completely flat surface (Shot-blasting damages the floor leaving an irregular surface.  
   A self-levelling compound sometimes needs to be added and often a rough grinding phase is required).

- Superprep means you use less covering (Shot-blasting leaves a rough surface so that a far greater 
  amount of covering product is required).

- Superprep is gentle on the floor (Shot-blasting damages the floor meaning it is likely to deteriorate far 
  quicker over time).

- Superprep gets right up to the wall edge (Shot-blasting cannot, leaving unsightly areas which are more    
   prone to deterioration)

- Superprep doesn’t leave any lines that can be seen through your chosen covering (Shot-blasting 
   creates irregular lines which remain visible).

- Superprep is more cost-effective (Shot-blasting as a process is comparable in price; extra covering or 
  additional grinding is not).

- Superpep is more environmentally friendly (Shot-blasting has to remove far more concrete during the  
   process, leaving much more dust to be sent to landfill).

(United Kingdom & Ireland)
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