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Stat Grind - The new generation of ESD floor                                    

Outstanding ESD values
Resistance to ground normally less than 10 M Ohm on ground floor. Values below 1 M Ohm are frequently measuered.

Optimal for heavy truck traffic

Stat Grind is as strong as the slab itself. Stat Grind makes the surface up to 10 times stronger than an untreated concrete floor surface.

Environmentally friendly

Stat Grind does not add any chemicals, it merely improves the existing concrete surface.

Low maintenance costs
Only normal daily cleaning needed. No need for expensive periodical maintenance.

Exceptional ROI (Return on Investment)

The full extent of the product life of Stat Grind is still unknown, but in theory it lasts as long as the concrete slab itself.

Full 3rd party ESD measurement report
IGS provides a full ESD measurment report from an independant consultant.

What is Stat Grind ESD Flooring?
Stat Grind is a diamond grinding treatment of your concrete floor.

Stat Grind takes away the top cement skin of the floor and exposes the ballast. The floor is then polished until it becomes extremely even and hard, which reduces friction and minimizes the static generation.

Stat Grind uses the concrete slab and building itself as ground. The cement and the reinforcement bars mixed with humidity have conductive properties, so that every point of the floor is a connection to ground.

This fact makes Stat Grind a very reliable ESD floor, as you never need to worry about the mainteinance of copper wires or conductive layers.

The system resistance does vary somewhat with humidity, but these variations have in every measurement performed been within the norms.

IGS installed the first ESD flooring already in 2008 in the cold Swedish climate, which gives an extremely dry indoor climate, and the ESD values continue to satisfy our customers.
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United Kingdom & Ireland
Ben Gregory
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Why a Stat Grind ESD floor?
Outstanding ESD values
Resistance point to ground under normal conditions are usually less than 1 M Ohm. Measured values has in every test performed found to be within the SS-EN 61340-5-1 standard and the international IEC standard. These test have been performed during all times of the year and in dry air conditions. 
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Low maintenance costs
Only daily cleaning with water is needed to keep the Stat Grind clean and maintain the outstanding ESD values. There is no need for periodical cleaning or upgrades using chemicals.

Optimal for heavy traffic
Stat Grind grinds down to the ballast of the concrete slab and makes smooth and hard ESD floor surface of the original concrete slab. The surface will not break, scratch or become grid marked. The truck traffic becomes smooth and quiet.

Environmentally friendly
Stat Grind is a mechanical ESD floor preparation. It does not add any material to the surface. The environmental impact is therefore far less than Epoxi or Vinyl mats.

Exceptional ROI
Stag Grind does not add any wear surface, it is an improvement of the concrete slab surface itself. The wear surface it will last as long as the building. You only ever need to install a Stat Grind once, which is what gives Stat Grind a very competitive Product Cycle Cost.

United Kingdom & Ireland
Ben Gregory
+44 (0)784 380 3235