ESD flooring - case @ 3M

Peltor™ chooses the

Next Generation of ESD Flooring

3M™ Peltor™ recently installed more than 1,000 m2 of the ESD floor - Stat Grind – with the help of IGS.

Just two weeks after the project start date the factory’s Stat Grind surface was fully approved and the manufacture of advanced hearing protection with active noise dampening and  Bluetooth connection equipment was back at full capacity.

3M™ Peltor™ is focusing on manufacturing its more technically advanced hearing protection in Sweden while the production of other hearing protection is being moved to Poland. As a result a surface had to be chosen specifically suited to sensitive electronics manufacturing and a stable, high quality ESD floor was essential.

Christer Holmberg 
EHS & QA manager

Tasked with selecting an ESD floor EHS & QA manager Christer Holmberg researched the ESD flooring market. He first looked at traditional epoxy coating and vinyl mats, but was recommended the IGS Stat Grind product by ESD consultants,

Christer, who is also the Facilities Manager, was surprised to find a solution that was cost-effective and low-maintenance, as well as presenting the most environmentally friendly option…

“The environmental impact is especially important for 3M”

Christer Holmberg 

Christer was also impressed by the simplicity and long-term durability of the Stat Grind ESD flooring solution…

“…we have had problems with the old epoxi floor that came loose when air came between the coating and the concrete floor”.

 Christer Holmberg


 3M™ Peltor™ were also able to keep production running during the installation of Stat Grind: a factor which Christer Holmberg saw as a big advantage over other solutions which tend to require a complete factory shut-down.

Another important element in influencing Christer was that a Multinational Telecoms company had already installed Stat Grind with excellent results; a strong re-assurance given that Stat Grind is a relatively new product to the market-place.

Stat Grind is a grinding and polishing treatment of concrete that can be installed on both new and old concrete floors. The Stat Grind ESD product has an exceptionally long lifetime as it is an enhancement of the properties of the existing concrete slab. Typically a Stat Grind ESD floor will last as long as the building itself.

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