CFF Trim (Floor Renovation)

CFF Trim – For Renovation of Uneven, poor quality and multi-surface floors. 

CFF Trim is a flexible cement based floor covering suited for use in both industrial & retail environments. As it can be installed as a thin flexible layer on top of an existing surface the solution is perfect for the renovation of uneven or heavily worn floors.

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CFF Trim was originally designed for industrial use and due to its excellent durability and  adhesion is extremely long-lasting. The first ever CFF Trim surface has been in situ for 9 years.

Renovation: CFF Trim is ideal for the renovation        of poor-quality or deteriorating floors. Cracks can be bridged and due to its flexibility Trim will adjust to natural movement in the surface below.

Durability: CFF Trim is made with a special blend of cement and plasticizers (80%:20%) creating great flexibility. This flex makes the possibility of cracking extremely unlikely (a common problem with traditional screeds). CFF Trim even has the ability to accommodate natural movement in a concrete surface below. It provides an extremely durable wearing surface.

Adhesion: Resin based floor coverings are non porous and do not allow the concrete beneath to breathe. Over time the resin surface will separate from the concrete below and then quickly deteriorate. CFF Trim is cement based (ie: porous) and so provides permanent long term adhesion. The product can also be applied directly on top of wood, asphalt and metal surfaces, significantly reducing pre-install preparation costs.

Colour Finishes: CFF Trim is available in standard light or dark grey base colours. Using specialist CFF products the surface can be painted in any colour required. For the retail environment the base colour with a gloss sealant provided an industrial chic effect.

Easy Maintenance:  CFF Trim is suitable for use with most standard cleaning products.

Acoustics: CFF Trim is sound absorbent and significantly reduces echo.

Comfort:  CFF Trim compresses imperceptibly when walked upon and so provides better anti-fatiguing than many other flooring products.

Stain Protection: CFF Trim provides excellent stain protection and is ideal for general purpose industrial & retail environments.

Installation & Cost: CFF Trim can be installed on new or old surfaces. One of its main benefits is that it can be poured in a very thin layer (3mm) making it a very cost effective way of renovating poor-quality floors. It can be installed on top of concrete, tarmac, steel and wooden surfaces. Installation is quick and CFF Trim dries over- night.