Renovation of Concrete Slab with CFF Trim.
540 m2
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Renovation of deteriorating concrete / flincote surface with CFF Trim.
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KTH Technology University 
Renovation of patchwork concrete with CFF Trim.
1,700 m2
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Scania Trucks Factory
Superfloor Polished Concrete applied to new build concrete slab.
2 000 m2
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3M Electronics 
StatGrind Polished Concrete ESD floor. 
1,000 m2
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New-build polished concrete slab dyed Onyx black and given a high gloss stain-resistant finish.  
160 m2
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Sonoform Factory 
Superfloor Polished Concrete applied to existing concrete slab. 
5,000 m2

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Ericsson Factories 
StatGrind Polished Concrete ESD floors. 
Installed at both new-build and renovated factory facilities. 
6,500 m2
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Narrow Aisle Warehousing 
Superfloor Polished Concrete to high level tolerances.
1,000 m2

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Cafe Society
Patchwork concrete refurbished with Durocolour wearing screed and polished to give a high-gloss finish.
200 m2
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Livestock/Stable Renovation
Heavily cracked concrete and tile floor with rubber removed in places. CFF Trim Advanced Wearing Screed applied to give heavy duty wear and a compressive surface for animals.
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