Superfloor/ concrete polishing

The new Industrial Flooring Solution - HTC Superfloor

The revolutionary HTC Superfloor®  method was invented by "HTC Sweden". HTC Superfloor® uses diamond tools in up to 7 steps to grind away the top surface of the floor to expose and polish the deeper, harder layers. 

To find out what Superfloor can do for your concrete floor, please contact contact Ben Gregory: +44 (0) 784 380 3235. 

HTC Superfloor® benefits include:

The surface becomes flat and smooth, which makes it ideal for forklift traffic. Superfloor can reach a flatness of +/-2 mm over a distance of 2 m (if the concrete slab fulfills the standard SS EN 206-1)

The surface becomes very hard. Superfloor makes the surface up to 10 times harder than an untreated concrete surface. As the surface is so hard and smooth it is almost impossible to crack or damage a finished Superfloor.

Superfloor is very easy to maintain and clean. The smooth surface prevents the accumulation of grease and dust. As no chemicals are added, there is no need for expensive periodic maintenance

Superfloor only needs to be installed once. If properly maintained it will last longer than the building itself. The long product life gives it a vastly superior life-cycle cost compared to other options such as epoxy which have to be re-surfaced every 5-10 years.

Superfloor is not only simple and cheap to maintain but also environmentally friendly. Superfloor does not add any material to the surface, it simply grinds the concrete slab until it becomes hard and shiny. As a result, in terms of water toxification and CO2 production Superfloor has less environmental impact than other widely used products.

IGS is a HTC Superfloor® certified entreprenuer. This means that we have the proven experience and knowledge to grind concrete floors used by world leading brands.

(United Kingdom & Ireland)
Ben Gregory
+44 (0)784 380 3235